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About Hopespiration

We are a retailer of homemade goods and services and other handcrafted items. We collaborate with artisans for wholesale goods which are then sold either singly or as collection with other products based on themes, such as baby showers, first day of school, to name a few examples. 

What we offer artisans:

      • confirmed sales for a certain number of goods;
      • handling of marketing, packaging and shipping of goods;
      • allowing artisans to just create their art instead of having to manage art and other business tasks they may not enjoy. 

What we offer customers:

      • unique items for purchase;
      • exposing customers to new, unknown, hard to find, or under-appreciated artisans;
      • offering carefully curated collections for unique gifts or purchases. 

Future plans: 

      • Proceeds from sales will go toward a grant program and a micro-loan program to support at-risk families and individuals by helping to provide training, tools, and/or resources and materials to facilitate their art and business development. 



We believe in the autonomy of the artisan and business owner and choose to work collaboratively and cooperatively to provide artisans with pay commensurate with their work, while reducing the burden of marketing and shipping goods to customers.


To spread hope to at-risk families and individuals: 

      • by supporting their local, hand-crafted business;
      • by providing training, tools and resources to facilitate business