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Wren's Threads (Eleni Harvalias)

My name is Eleni Harvalias. About 3 years ago, when I had first retired from being a full time teacher, I took my first weaving course to understand how to use a more complicated loom than I had ever tried. I was hooked from the get go. I have always loved many of the fibre arts throughout my life, but this was different.

Since then, I have collected more looms, for a total of 4, and weaving is an integral part of my day. I have my own studio which overlooks my garden.  I am now using some of my own spinning in my larger projects. 

I have been enjoying making the mini rugs as I get to play with texture and colour and pattern. I am continually trying new designs and each one inspires me to try something different. No two rugs are exactly the same.

My business name is Wren's Threads. The best way to contact me is through email.

Wren's Threads - business card

Projects that Wren's Threads has been part of:

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